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Re: 🤔Do you remember? J.Jill 1985~

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Yes, I remember the old J. Jill.  Back in the 80s I wore a lot of dresses with tiny prints.  In addition to Laura Ashley, Belle France was another line of dresses I liked. Lanz also had stylish print dresses, particularly sundresses.


That’s cool you remember!

I love those other brands as well!

I remember wearing full, printed skirts w/ matching print sweaters...

but I forgot the brand. Very coordinated. Could’ve been a TX thing. 

With accompanying ivory hosiery & Ferragamos, of course.


The conservative wear was so very Junior League, SMU, sorority,

debutante, old money look. Even the men were conservative 

with their clothing...sleeved cotton T-shirt’s under their starched,

white button-downs...even their Wranglers were heavily starched.

Seems like starch was a big deal back then.  Of course, could've

been a Texas/old South thing.


Lots of memories!


I had a sister in Houston (Junior League) who dressed that way.  I was a teacher in Princeton, NJ.  We dressed the same way. Susan Bristol was a brand we purchased for matching skirts, sweater, and blouses.


Wore ivory pantyhose all the time.

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Re: 🤔Do you remember? J.Jill 1985~

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@GSPgirlthat is interesting.

the JJILL wearever line is my favorite line of theirs and i never have any problems with them pilling from washing or wearing a seat belt.


I never had an issue with the Wherever until this SpringSmiley Sad.  

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Re: 🤔Do you remember? J.Jill 1985~

Yes, I remember the old catalog - - very different from today.  I ordered one of their dresses at the time and it became one of my favorites.  It was a 100% cotton plaid.