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Do you love the Olive Garden Rest?

Do you love the Olive Garden restaurant? I do. DH took me today after my spinal shot and we both had the 5 cheese Ziti Al Forno which is my absolute favorite! (and of course salad and bread sticks) and then I saved half of mine to take home so I could share some Tiramisu with my husband for Mmmmm Italian heaven! (yes Im Italian).

Of course my parents, grandparents, aunts etc are sadly all gone. I never managed to try to make sauce myself. My grandmom used to make her own pasta, her own sauce that cooked for hours, her own meatballs, her own everything and I miss it. I wish I would have learned.

My husband and I can make Italian food we just never did our own sauce so we buy it (from an Italian market).

Well..I just looked online and the recipe for their 5 cheese ziti is online so DH will make it. (he makes a wonderful ziti now but we think Olive Gardens is better yet).

Anyway I LOVE the Olive Garden rest. The service, the food, the decor, and the music.

Ok I will stop

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