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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

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Yes I do, 365 days a year in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

@JaneMarple  Where are you on the Cape?  We have a home there too.

Howdy neighbor, upper cape in N. Falmouth area. 

Hey there; we're in East Dennis.  Haven't been there since September and itching to get back.

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?



On the way to Shingletown



Shasta Caverns



Mt. Lassen, View from my east facing upstairs master bedroom window.





Mt. Shasta. View from my north facing upstairs bedroom window



Shasta Lake (in one of my posts I have a pic of my son in his prom tux overlooking here.)



Sundial Bridge. Over Sacramento River that runs all through town. Bottom of bridge is glass.



one of the cute cute centers in town



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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

@peggles ... We live in a town of less than 8,000...although we are outside the city limits in the woods. We built a log home on a lake. It's beautiful. Last night we had our first snow of the season so everything is covered with that heavy, wet snow. We didn't get much, and it won't last...which is fine with me. It's pretty (on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), but I'd just as soon live somewhere warm...a picturesque ocean setting.

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

Do you live in a picturesque setting?


Well, yes. If you consider moose pooping in both your front and back yard palatable.

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?


I'm in a desert community with rolling hills surrounded by mountains. Contrary to a lot of what people believe, the desert is not at all colorless. Plenty of green around me set off by turquoise skies and ever-changing color on the mountains. 


No snow and that's the way I want it!

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

I have lived in very picturesque places (currently live in the mountains) but the one that had a "Kinkade vibe" was Wertheim Germany(timbered buildings, a bandstand, Mainz and Tauber rivers intersect and in the 1960s a horse drawn beer wagon.

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

Yes, I am totally surrounded by the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.   

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

I live in the country about 45 minutes from NYC, old family land high on a hill Mts. on one side River on the other...Just signed contract on adjoing land for new log home!I hear trains below ,feels like living in a snow globe ,stars within reach, grass so green ,lots of gardens canning ,planting and animals,a gentlemans farm, pure heaven,little towns above  and below ,historic homes , just  like from a movie..Hugs ,enjoy, MaryAnne 

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

It is picturesque to me! 


My brother is a suburb kind of guy and can't imagine living where I do. 


I find beauty in a big city skyline, a well kept suburban neighborhood, an old small town/village setting with vintage homes, a farm with rolling hills and cattle, a desert with a view of the mountains, a coastal beach property, etc. 


If truth be told, I would have loved to have been rich enough to experience every kind of living setting for some time in my life. I'm sure some I would have enjoyed more than others, but all would have beauty and interest. 


I currently live in an area that has been overtaken in the last couple of decades by the Amish. Rolling hills, lots of woods and fields, big barns and farm houses. 


My own property sits along a thick woods behind us, and my front windows/porch face an Amish farm across the road, very well kept and picturesque. I have a big pond in the front yard with a dock and lots of cat tails. Beyond that is a field filled with horses that will run and play in the good weather. The road is often filled with Amish buggies and there are no power lines to be seen in this area of the road, so a glance out there often makes one think they are back 150 years in the past. 


We have a front yard full of maple trees that are thick and green cover and shade in the summer, and a rainbow of color in the fall. 


The night are so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face, and the stars are unbelievably brilliant on a clear night. It isn't unusual to find me outside staring up at the sky late at night, it is so beautiful. 


The deck on the back of the house faces a big woods, and you feel like you are alone in the world when sitting there. The covered front porch faces the Amish farm across the road, but it is off in the distance, not too close, with big woods surrounding it as well. Sitting there takes you back 150 years as you watch them plant and harvest with wagons and horses, no modern equipment. 


Fall is usually a brilliant blaze of colors (this year has been less than usual), winter looks like an untouched Christmas card, and even an occasional horse drawn sleigh going down the road, and summer is a quiet place to listen to the frogs croak and the crickets chirp.


We are only about 45 minutes from the state capital, Columbus, and maybe an hour or so from Cleveland which are good sized large cities with all the culture and facilities one would need. Kind of a nice place to be.

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Re: Do you live in a picturesque setting?

Yes, we have a preserved woods behind us.  To be exact, there is another house between mine and the woods, but that suits me just fine because of the critters who often come to call.