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Re: Do you like wine?

Do I like wine? Does a bear ****** in the woods? Woman LOL

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Re: Do you like wine?

@dmod wrote:

No, not at all. 

Me either.  I don’t seem to have adult tastes.  I can’t stand hot coffee either, even with cream and sugar.

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Re: Do you like wine?

@Krypto wrote:

@Preds  Aldi has Winking Owl wine, some for $2.89. The White Zinfandel is as good as much more expensive wines.

Yep! My neighbor swears by Aldi wines. 

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Re: Do you like wine?

@J Town Girl  😆. I remember the Bartley’s & James when I used to like a sweet wine. I purchased a pack of the small bottles and put them in the back of the car. 

   One had leaked and some exercise weights for arms that were soft and spongy absorbed it. Even with washing they always smelled like wine. I got strange glances in exercise class!

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Re: Do you like wine?

No. Do not like beer either.  Tried drinking in my 20’ just was not for me. Have not had a drink  since I was 25......

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Re: Do you like wine?

@RetRN wrote:

Yes, I do like white wine, red wine gives me a headache. We have many nice wineries in the state and I love the Door County wines. 

@RetRN me too. Upper Michigan has a Da Yooper Winery, which is funny only to those who know the dialect of people who live "up nort" 😀
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Re: Do you like wine?

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image.jpeg want some Hello Kitty wine! ❤️ PS I would love to visit Michigan and NY wine country. I never knew it existed! 

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Re: Do you like wine?

@magicmoodz wrote:

Yes! My favorite wine for years was Louis Jadot Beaujolais. Then I developed a severe allergy to the tannins in red wine.😢


I now drink whites, my favorite being Sauvignon Blanc, but I will drink Chardonnay too, say if at someone's home and that is what is being served.


When out, I have put wine on the back burner in favor of a Negroni. An acquired taste for sure, but I love them!

The tannis in red wine gives me bad, bad headaches.  Learned that some teas do that to me too.

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Re: Do you like wine?

Grand Traverse Reisling is my favorite and made within miles of my home. What's not to love? Heart

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Re: Do you like wine?

I drink wine, but only with meals.  Never by itself.  Being born in Italy, I started drinking wine with my meals about age 14.  I had it earlier, but it was watered down.  I can't drink it when I have lunch (at work obviously...I drink water then) but I do at home.  And of course, I still drink it at dinner.  I prefer Italian wines and especially French, but it's too expensive.  So I drink California wines.  Dining out, though it's French wines for me! Other then that, I'm not a drinker.  I'll accept a drink, but not really drink it.  Just to be social.