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Re: Do you like wine?

@QualityGal   Yes!  Wine is the only alcohol I ever drink.  Although I don't drink that much anymore, I always have some wine on hand.  I think all of us who live around the Great Lakes have access to great wines at reasonable prices.  I live east of Cleveland near Lake Erie, so plenty of wineries around here!  My favorites are Riesling and Niagara wines.  I like a semi-sweet fruity wine.

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Re: Do you like wine?

I realized in my 20’s, drinking was of no interest to me; don’t like wine, can’t stand beer or hard liquor.   Just not my thing.     

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Re: Do you like wine?

I like dry whites, roses and champagne. Absolutely nothing sweet. I love to visit the winerys in the northern lower peninsula and always have a good time. But honestly; with the exception of the unwooded Chardonnay from Bowers Harbor, I'm not a fan of any of their wines. There's nothing special about any of them to me and they all taste pretty much the same.


I AM a big fan of Fenn Valley winery near Saugatuck. I just bought a mixed case of their True Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc when I was out that way a couple of weeks ago. Also love their winemakers dinners and some of the other events. 

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Re: Do you like wine?

Love cabernet and pinot noir. Both reds and I prefer CA wines.   I also like rose in the warmer months.

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Re: Do you like wine?

Love the Michigan wineries.  They are all I will drink.  Chanteau Chantel Naughty Red is my favoriteHeart

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Re: Do you like wine?

@ Phantom 46
I don’t like wine, I love it.
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Re: Do you like wine?

I cook with wine a lot too. 


Wine makes everything taste better.  LOL

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Re: Do you like wine?

I do like wine;  I prefer a sweet white wine or a rose.  

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Re: Do you like wine?

Yes! My favorite wine for years was Louis Jadot Beaujolais. Then I developed a severe allergy to the tannins in red wine.😢


I now drink whites, my favorite being Sauvignon Blanc, but I will drink Chardonnay too, say if at someone's home and that is what is being served.


When out, I have put wine on the back burner in favor of a Negroni. An acquired taste for sure, but I love them!

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Re: Do you like wine?

Yes.  The cheaper the better.  Smiley Wink


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