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Re: Do you have a nice grandparents memory?

I remember cherry picking with my set of grandparents. They lived within blocks of us. My other grandmother lived at a lake and we didn't see them often.

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Re: Do you have a nice grandparents memory?

I have really enjoyed reading all of the responses on this thread.  It brought back so many happy memories!  I was fortunate enough to have both of my maternal grandparents as well as my paternal grandmother all living within a mile of where I grew up and the time I spent with all of them will forever be etched in my heart.  


Thanks @cherry for starting this and giving me a great trip down memory lane!

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Re: Do you have a nice grandparents memory?

When I was 15 I went back to my grandparents in Raleigh, NC.for the summer. This was in 1949.  We had moved to Ga as my father was career army - I really missed them as I grew up having them in my young life. My grandfather asked me if I could drive yet, told him no and he was not happy about that. So he tossed me a set of keys - I had NO CLUE what to do at that point and told him I did not know how to even start a car. He looked at me and said "then go figure it out". So out I went to that huge old Nash - I think it was a 36 - he was driving a 41 Nash, so the old one just sat there and Mother sometimes drove it. It had a floor shift. The 41 Nash had been owned by his son, an army pilot who was killed at age 27 in 1943.They lived on about 100 acres so I had plenty of room, course there were a lot of creeks and woods but I learned and never hit anything nor drove into any creek. Even use to take my little 3 year old cousin whose Dad - my mother's brother - was also in the army and she and her mother were staying with my grandparents for a while - riding on their property. I learned to spin wheelies circling a big fir and we had a ball.  I have thought about this so many times - this would NEVER happen today. Sad ending however as I had to leave early and return home to Georgia. My grandfather had become ill - diagnosed with terminal cancer - but I was not told that at the time. My grandfather had strong feelings that everyone should learn to drive - my brother was driving at 12 but for some reason Mother would not let me learn. LOL. Bear in mind she drove at an early age, learned to fly an airplane but would not allow either my sister or I to learn using the family car. Interesting.


No my grandfather was not a farmer, he owned a grinding business downtown and did very well. My grandmother could NOT drive - she never learned. Also interesting to me was neither he nor my grandmother ever said one word of criticism to me about anything I did with that car. Don't you know there were times they must have been sweating profusely?

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Re: Do you have a nice grandparents memory?

I have many fond memories of my Grandmother.One in particular stands out in my mind.I remember her loosening the long braid of my hair, until each section hung freely.She would carefully brush the ends first working her way up to my scalp.Once she felt  there were no knots ,she would brush my hairfrom my scalp all the way down to the ends.I realise that she could have completed this task rather quickly.Even as a small child i knew that this was her way of showing me how much she loved me.Many years later there was a chapter in my life that caused me to loose a significant amout of hair.I remember having a dream about her.She had come into my room while i was putting away cothing in my dresser.She said to me, come sit by me and I will brush your hair.I sat down on my bed next to her. She pushed my hair back off my shoulder and i said to her,I dont have enough hair to brush anymore Grandma. Her response was, of course you do silly girl.I could feel her once again brushing my long hair just as she did so many years ago.At the time, i imagined her visit through this dream was to comfort me.I had no idea that in time my hair loss would stop,and my healthy long hair would return.I think of my Grandmother often and continue throughout my life to be comforted by her loving memories.

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Re: Do you have a nice grandparents memory?

Thank you, Cherry, for starting the thread, and thank all of you for the nostalgia.