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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

I got one from my husband, who would say I'M the high maintenance one.  Anyway, it's great but too short!!!!  LOL!!!

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

The only reason I miss being married - I lost my back scratcher Woman Tongue

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

One night while in bed watching tv I got a wicked itch on my back and couldn't find mine so out of desperation I went in the kitchen and grabbed one of those claw type thingies from the kitchen drawer that you use to pull spaghetti out of the pot. It worked so well and since I have 2 more of them I now keep it in my bedside drawer for nightime sudden itchies whether on my back or leg.


Never did find my actual back scratcher. I should buy a new one because using a spaghetti thingy is just silly.

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

In a pinch ,if you do not have a back scratcher,you can use a wooden fork,spoon handle,that thingy David sells (forgot name) wooden coat hanger,ect,ect,

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

Yes I do.  It comes in handy and my two 4 year old granddaughters love it.  One of them asked me to bring it with when I came to visit last weeked.  Smiley LOL

It is what it is!!!
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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

I bought mine at Peir 1  years ago.  A bamboo one.  We use it often.  

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

Sure do.  Better than telling someone more to the right or up or down.

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

My husband, when I ask him.


**Careful... I have caps lock and I am not afraid to use it.**
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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

[ Edited ]

I have a bamboo backscratcher.  That being said, as I've gotten older, for the last few years, my back itches horribly in the winter--almost to distraction.  My mom recently received a sample of the Aquaphor Ointment Spray in a sample pack sent out from CVS, and she gave it to me.  I would give it 10 stars if I could!  After I dry off from the shower, I step back into the shower and just give my back a very light spray with this, and voila!  No more itching!  It has been a godsend.  I spray in the shower because I don't want any overspray on my floor.  It takes so little for my back, that it does not make the shower floor slick, so no worries there.  You can use it on other parts of the body, too.  It does leave a light coating on the skin, obviously, but not enough to stain clothing.  I get mine on Amazon, because I can get a larger size for only a couple more dollars than what Wal-Mart charges.


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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

@Drythe wrote:



Yes, We have Two.

Back scratcher


Mine on the left is walnut. I purchased it in a small woodworking shop in New Orleans.  It is a swan 🦢.

The other, a bear 🐻 claw, belongs to DH.


Aren't they wonderful helpers?  


@Drythe Gorgeous! I covet these carved wooden ones. So beautifully made. The swan beak looks like it could be used for accupressure on trigger points as well?





Seems like almost everyone here either has a backscratcher -- or a substitute for a backscratcher of some kind. Thank you so much for all of these funny and interesting replies and tiny glimpses into your routines and preferences. I loved reading them so much!

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