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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

Funny but my back hasn't itched since I originally read this thread and bought myself a backscratcher 😏😊

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

Having a few health issues, for a while I was admitted to the hospital every 3 to 4 months.  I got to the point that I had a "to go bag" for the hospital.  In my bag, I would have it filled with yarn and my crocheting needles ... lol ... and of course my back scratcher! 


I got mine from the Dollar Stores, one is in my "to go bag", one next to me in my recliner, next to bed and the backups are stored under the sink in the bathroom.

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Re: Do you have a backscratcher?

Believe it or not I use an old, long  handled plastic pasta ladle.  It is perfect.  No sharp edges and gets a good scratch in.  I have nerve problems in my spine.  When my back nerves actup i get non stop scratch in my mid back, upper arms and back of neck  it is awful  cortisone and agood scratch help.  I have to keep it hidden htough, so company doesnt use it helping in kitchen  lol