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Is the channel guide screen giving you problems too? For example if you go to see what Dateline will be about, it says the same generic, identical couple of sentences for every episode. same for Friends, same for Dr. Phil, same for Everybody loves Raymond. 


I called and they want to charge me $75 for a service call when it is clearly what they are transmitting, are you having the same problem?

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We have COX but we are not having this problem. Your issue is THEIR problem and you should not have to pay for a servie call. They seem to have a lot of software issues lately, mostly around the Guide and Recordings options. We had a problem for awhile where they kept erasing our saved programs and filling in with programs we never heard of. They finally admitted they were working on the issue, and it was resolved in a few days. Don't let them tell you its YOUR problem. Talk to a manager. They are usually pretty good about fixing things.

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Thank you, good to know, I'll call them back, my nearest neighbor is pretty far down the road and I don't know anyone nearby that has crummy Cox so I was pretty sure it can't just be my house. 

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I have Cox for both my cable and my Internet.  Grrrrrrrr! Without updating my services, my fees have absolutely doubled over the years. This week I've had Internet problems every day.  It gets resolved, and then goes out again.  Not just me, but our entire neighborhood.  When we call, we're told the service is "down" and they'll text us when it's back up.  Of course all of the neighborhood kids are doing school remotely, and many are working from home.  It is so frustrating!!!!!

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@gulf coast girl  I don't have Cox cable but it sounds like the guide isn't loading and maybe your box has lost power and is still reloading the guide.  If it hasn't lost power, maybe there is an upgrade being pushed out and the box is still taking the upgrade. 


I would unplug the power from the box, count to 10, plug the power back in and let it completely "boot" back up.  If you are using a smart TV and not using a box, maybe try unplugging the power from the modem for 10 seconds, and let it come back up again.


That usually works for me.  

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I have COX. I haven't noticed the descriptions being the same, but my internet goes out about 10 times a day! I called, and they want to send someone out for $75.00! I have about 5 monitors watching my out side security cameras. I told COX, every time it goes out, I gave to reset all of them again. I get tired of doing that! She sugested I sign up for service that costs $10.00 a month, to cover the cost of them coming out. After they come out, and it's fixed, then I can cancel after 3 months. Then that visit only cost me $30.00 instead of $75.00. Oh, brother! 

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My service periodically requires a reboot of the cable box but I have to call them and follow the prompts to select it from their ivr menu because during those times my tv will freeze and I can't get to the settings icon.  But have to say it's preferable to having to speak to someone.  This happens a few times per year and the reboot from their automated voice always works and fixes any and all problems.  I seldom have issues with our internet and when we do can just disconnect the modem and then reconnect a couple minutes later. Hate their price for sure though.  

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Those "guides" can only show the descriptions they are given.  The description you see for 'Dateline' is the description your cable service received from the network.  It's not Cox's responsibility.


We have a bundle with Cox for phone, TV, internet -- some service is good, some is unreliable, some is excellent, etc.  I forgive them some things and call them on others.  We have never been charged a service fee. 


We have learned  that you can call Cox to renegotiate your fees when prices go up.   My husband calls them once a year.  It works!

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I've noticed that all week.  I usually check who will be on The View and the different late night talk shows.  They have all been generic descriptions of the shows lately.