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Re: Do you ever read reviews

i take ALL reviews with a grain of salt......those on the item page and those written here. sometimes i LOVE a product or item and someone else trashes it. it doesnt change my mind. then there are some who hate an entire line.....those i generally ignore totally. then there are some who absolutely LOVE an entire line and sometimes make "excuses" for it, even is something is outright wrong. i tend to ignore those also.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

What I wonder about when a reviewer hasn't even touched the item, is why a stupid review screener allowed it to be posted.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

I don't read reviews anymore.  I feel many of them are done to promote a certain line rather than a true review of the item.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

I rarely buy anything without reading the reviews...but I do take some of them with a “grain of salt”...
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Re: Do you ever read reviews

I read them.  I look for comments that include fit.  I.e. Sleeves short, clings.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

i don't know either.
for some products you get an email a week or so later after they think you have received the product, asking for a review, so maybe some people feel obligated to respond to the email by posting a reply, whether or not they have used the product.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

Yes, I read reviews and if an item I am considering purchasing has a great deal of negative responses I won't order it.  As an example, my daughter wanted an air fryer and I checked the reviews on three home shopping networks which was not only helpful, but enlightening as well. 

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

I rarely buy clothes online bc I want to try it on before purchasing so I don't have experience with that.  However, if I see non-clothing on QVC that I want to order I will read the reviews - but I always go to Amazon where the same things (or comparable things) are always cheaper and they get delivered to my front door well before anything from QVC ever would.  


I read all the reviews on Amazon also and if there are bad reviews on both - that's two reference points to go by and I pass on the purchase.  

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

@RollTideRoll2008 wrote:
Sometimes I read reviews and wonder what they were expecting. There are bad reviews on cast iron cookware because it’s heavy. Well yes, it should be. I also wonder when people critique sizing if they even know what size they are. Sometimes the same item will say it’s too small while other say it’s huge.



There are conflicts in sizing because some of QVC's clothing lines are so inconsistent.....A purchase might be made and it fits perfectly, next purchase same clothing line and the top part of the garment is too big, or too tight around the waist and online garments are often inaccurate---that's on the designer and QVC...


Also people can have different body shapes causing a different fit even within the same size--- People might fall into a petite or tall category, but a garment might fit on a pear shaped body, different from an apple shaped or square body shape . Again, its up to the designer to accommodate variances.


I even put in a suggestion to indicate more info on sizing when giving a review such as body shape to help with so many different variances.

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Re: Do you ever read reviews

Always. I sesrch the web as well, as many times there are no reviews.