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Do you ever get sick of being frugal & feel like going on a binge?

I know these are the times when so many people are out of jobs and struggling and the economic picture has been bleak. DH lost his job a few months back, as well, and we are not having an easy time of it either. We are both of the age where we are not far from what is normally referred to as retirement age, but I'm wondering if I will ever get to retire. Neither one of us in the greatest of health - he a little less than me.

Do you ever just get so tired of trying to count ever darn penny? Or at least it feels like it! I know there are people way worse off than we are and I don't mean to complain, but do you kind of know what I mean???

Every day you go to the mailbox and it's another pile of bills and everything keeps going up and up. You go to the Dollar Store and the grocery store with your coupons and try to figure out your groceries and - don't you just want to scream at times?

I just feel like going on a bender once in a while --- and just shopping and buying anything and everything I feel like. I know -- that's crazy, but do you understand what I'm saying?

I guess it's like anything, when you know you can't do it, you want to do it all the more.

Thanks for listening. And if you want to join in and post your replies, that would be great, too!

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