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Re: Do you believe in karma?

Oh I definitely believe in Karma. Smiley Happy

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Re: Do you believe in karma?*

@foundinlv wrote:

So I suppose it was karmic justice when Allison Parker and Adam Ward were killed by that lunatic?  No, I don't believe in any definition.  

***No, that was random.  Many bad things cannot be explained.   

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Re: Do you believe in karma?

If only it always worked like this:


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Re: Do you believe in karma?

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@hyacinth003 wrote:

Thanks for all the great answers.


Since I believe in prayer, I am TRYING to pray for me to stop loathing this person.  Since I cannot control what happens to this person, I have to try to NOT think about him.


I believe he is a sociopath, so people like that just don't feel bad about what they do.  It's really hard for most of us to relate to that.  No matter what the situation, he keeps being horrible about what he does. 


So, I cannot control what life puts there for him.  Unless he dies suddenly, he will have no one to care for him.  Maybe then he'll see what he's done.  But, who knows?


I've never had anything in my life like this.  I have to pray for my heart to lose the hate.





Hyacinth,  I believe in prayer also.  Have you ever considered praying for this man?  Ask the Lord to change his heart.  This person sounds pathetically unhappy.  Ask for a change in his life.  Pray for goodness to happen to him. 


Just a suggestion. 


You sound like a good and nice person.  Release the hate and feel the freedom.



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