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No. I bathed my oldest cat once, that is a mistake I will never make again. With the fiasco of his bath, I was too afraid to try it with any of my other cats.

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No --- I don't want to die!!! (They're indoors only...)

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I have one that voluntarily bathes herself occasionally in the sink under running water or in the shower while waiting for the water to get warm enough for me. Bathe my boys? Only if EMS was on the way to the house.

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I haven't had cats in a few years, but when I had them, I never bathed them. They were indoor only cats.

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I had a cat.... I gave him one bath.... that was the last bath of his 19 year life. I will NEVER forget THAT bath

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No, no, no, never again. I tried that once years ago with a cat we adopted and it is something I will never repeat. I don't try to bathe our current cats and they don't try to bathe me. Works for everyone. Smiley Happy

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I've seen some downright abusive YouTube videos of people bathing their cats. Those people think it's funny and laugh and tell the cat he's rotten when the cat screams and howls and fights against getting a bath. Anything for a few Like clicks. Infuriates me.

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My mother use to bathe the cat as she slept in my little sister's bed.

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I bathed my boy kitty twice. Once he snuck out and got sprayed by a skunk. The other time he had an accident in his carrier. He has long legs and they were flying everywhere. I wouldn't do it unless there was a good reason.

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Yes, all of our kitties have had baths once in awhile. The little feisty tortoiseshell girl, now 9 months old, gets really stinky every so often. I don't know what she does, but it results in a bath.

We put two dishwashing containers in the tub, exclusively for their use, one with warm soapy water, and one with clear warm water for rinsing. Our vet and others we know recommend using Dawn or an unscented Dove dish soap, it gets off an oiliness they produce.

None of the girls have ever freaked out, we talk to them reassuringly and use a measuring cup to rinse, then there's a big fluffy towel to wrap them in. We only give a bath on really warm days. The four year old hasn't had a bath in over a year, she takes good care of herself. But that baby... whoa.

They're both Persians so we also trim their bottoms every so often. Makes for a clean trip to and from the litter box.

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