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Do manufacturers think we're dumb??

I'm so tired of products either getting smaller (it's no longer a half gallon of ice cream...) or in the case of the Act mouthwash I'm using, a weaker formula now requiring I use it twice daily instead of once a day! I just bought a new bottle so I have the two side by side, the old bottle says to use it once a day - the new one twice. The amount of fluoride is cut by about half. I did check the website and the smaller bottle still says once daily, but the large, economy size is twice a day....why? So we use it up more quickly and buy more? So I need to spend more per ounce with the smaller bottle to use it less frequently. Hey, it's business - I get that. Without $$ coming in, business tends to slow down or go away but wow, that's pretty blatant.

And while I'm ranting, what's up with socks?? Most people I know have toes that taper down in length when you look at your feet. My favorite socks have always followed that general shape. Well, the new ones I bought have been squared off - so there are now bunches of leftover sock by my little toes. Push that into a shoe and we're talking possible problems here! Whose bright idea was that?? I'm sure $$ works into that decision, too.

Sorry for the long post - but I'm tired of it! We consumers literally hold the purse strings - we can be in control. There is power in numbers. Can we stand together on this???

(sigh...) ~Diane (I'll take a deep breath now!!)