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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

@Desert Lily wrote:

@Tinkrbl44  The supply & demand is self-evident.


But, what does it say about our values? Why do we have such a demand for celebrities? Are we upside down on this?


@Desert Lily 


I don't think the issue is our "values".  It's more about human nature, IMO.  


Various forms of entertainment, some rather weird, have been around forever.  This is nothing new. 


People seem to crave the adrenaline-pumping movies and games.  Historically, the Greeks and Romans had some pretty gross entertainment with people fighting to the death with other people or even animals.  Wrestling matches may seem stupid to many, but they sure are profitable.  


I think "worshipping" our Olympic athletes for their training and dedication contributed to what we see today.  Look on old Wheaties boxes and see the many athletes that have been promoted over the years.  


Now, sports is BIG BUSINESS.   The importance of sports promotion has increased exponentially with the Internet, pay-per-view and big ticket stadiums built by corporations and billionaires.   There's money to be made, and no one wants to be involved and leave money on the table.  


I'm not sure if we have a "demand" for celebrities or a demand for entertainment and distraction.  During the Depression people flocked to movie theaters for escape from difficult lives.  I think an exaggerated  version of that is what we're seeing today.