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Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

There's a fascination with celebritries, professional athletes, musicians/singers, actors.

They entertain us.


The lead actors in best-selling movies/series get paid a fortune, as do professional basketball/football/etc. players, musicians/singers.

Should they be paid so much?

Should people focus on them so much?


What about side actors, teachers, scientists, nurses, electricians, truck drivers, professors, engineers, and others who are crucial to the infrastructure of everyday life?


Do you think we're upside down on placing so much value on entertainment?

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

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It isn't a system, it's free enterprise.  People can fund what they want.  


But I think many of you make more than I do, aren't really worth more than me and should send me a check.  I like this system.



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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

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I have always thought that. Always.

Very upside down.Crazy.

When I think of what nurses, teachers, first responders, and so many others who help so many others, I wish they could be paid so much more for so much that they do to help. It's not that entertainment, sports,  don't give so much too just that what athletes and entertainers, celebrities are paid is just insane.

What a wonderful world it would be if none had to worry about shelter or food or paying medical bills. There wouldn't be a need to steal, and so many other things that wouldn't ever have to happen.

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

I'm all for free market enterprise so earn what the market will pay you.


That said, I don't have interest in celebs, most pro athletes, actors or singers. I don't choose to support them with my paycheck nor any likes, shares and subscribes.


I do buy used cd's, dvd's some books and we do take in MLB games.


My life is busy enough without following someone else's drama.

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

I dont care how much talent, ability or they are movie stars, athletes, musicians.  No one is worth the amount they get paid.


This country has teachers that shape young peoples lives they are the ones that deserve a nice salary.


Care givers, nurses, police, firemen, first responders they deserve a nice salary.


There are many more I am sure that deserve good salaries.  The ones I named are the ones that come to mind.


To say nothing of the ones I cant mention here due to rules.





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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?


Yes, we definitely have this upside down. Money, jealousy, and greed drive a lot of people.

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

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I have long thought that the "celebrities" from all walks of life that command $$$$$$ are out of sync.  

As several posters have pointed out, there are those who touch lives and should be compensated as the true stars that they are:


the teachers who bring out the best in students and help them reach their potential

the health care professionals at every level who help people overcome illnesses and return to productive lives or simply maintain a quality of life


the unsung heroes and heroines who support every facet of our daily lives from food, transportation, safety, cleanliness, spirituality, etc.


Personally, there was a nun who took a high school sophomore academic achiever under her wing and brought out her ability to speak in public.  She enabled me to excel in several careers: corporate executive, consultant, seminar leader, career coach, adjunct professor.


We reconnected at the end of her life when she was in a facility near my home.  My mother had dementia and was close by her in another facility.  I would visit them both.  At end, Sister asked me to come to her was well attended.  She was then cremated and weeks later, I carried her ashes to her resting spot.  I was so lost in thoughts of her that the priest had to pry the box from my hands.


Because of her, I have been able to touch so many lives and pay forward her gift to me.  




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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

I don’t pay any attention to sports. No interest whatsoever.

The last time I went to se a movie was about 20 years ago.

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

There is a song called "The Men That Drive Me Places"

by an artist named Ben Rector.


I think that he (as a minor celebrity with some level of success in his field) shows a real appreciation and admiration for the workaday "regular folks" who labor long and hard to carve out their space in the world and to make a good and better life for their children and families.


If anyone is interested you can Google the artist and title and be directed to the lyrics and videos on YouTube.

I don't remember how I came across this song, but it 

impressed me that Mr. Rector was so aware that fame and status often obscure the real stars in life.

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Re: Do You Think We Have This Upside Down?

@Desert Lily I totally get what you are saying but I don't totally agree. 

Of course, I don't disagree about paying all of those that you mentioned what they are worth.

As far as sports figures, actors, singers, etc I really appreciate the talent & drive that it takes to make it in those fields.

The people that I admire are good people & they bring a lot of happiness/entertainment to my life.

I would never deal with the things that they deal with to be "famous".

I could never work as hard as they do to get & stay where they are. 

Well A: I don't have any talent.

And 2: I am pretty lazy.