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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

We stilll go out every Mon. hasn't changed nothing for us. 

go  out  again on thurs. etc.



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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

I've always hated grocery shopping, so the popularity/availability of curbside pickup or delivery has been delightful. When I was taking care of my elderly mother, delivery was a godsend. People would make fun of me being "lazy" but when I explained the circumstances they shut up. Then, to get out of the house for short bursts of time, I utilized cubside pickup. That worked wonderfully, too. Mom has since moved into a residential care home but I continue to use curbside pickup/delivery of groceries and other items and will do so for the future.


What I do miss is my monthly lunch with friends, casual dining indoors or on patios, with the leisurely enjoyment of the company of others.


I don't enjoy shopping, wandering around in stores, browsing so nothing to miss there!

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

no--I don't miss it at all. I stay at home for the most part, but do go once a week or so for food--today I have to go get a rx so will pick up some food then. I usually order online for pick up or delivery and that is the best thing since sliced bread--

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

The other day, I found myself missing the mall, Penny's, Sears, etc.  

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

I so dislike any type of shopping and only go to the mall and other type retailers a couple of times a year regardless of corona.

As far as the virus I have not skipped a week since the very beginning in shopping at my grocery store, Walmart, Target ect.....  Every week one or the other or all.  July 3rd when mandate came down I put on my first mask for shopping and rip right off as I exit the store.  Traveled to Corpus Christi in early June when no cases were reported.  Now it is of course a hot spot.  My mask and dry hands from constant washing is my only change. 

I did not realize until late Sat. afternoon that I hugged my former SIL at the hairdresser that morning.  She and my brother divorced in 1999 and I had not seen her since.  She started at my hairdresser back then and still sees her when she comes to town to visit family.  We just happen to have back to back appt.  It was spontaneous to hug twice that I did not even think about it until much later that day.

"Live frugally, but love extravagantly."
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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

I'm still grocery shopping, but switched habits. There is a locally owned market a block from us. They opened about 2 years ago and were a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. While they are a bit more expensive, I feel good about supporting them and want to keep their business open. 


I never thought of it until @Sooner said "I'm a buyer, not a shopper". 


I miss getting my nails done regularly!


One of the most important take always for me this year is to pause and respect everyone's decision for how they cope through this pandemic. I respect that everyone has a different perspective of what's "safe". And if a loved one has a different rationale, it's ok, as long as everyone is doing what's best for their health (as long as I don't suspect someone is struggling with depression, or anything of the sort).

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

I can't say that I miss shopping. I guess I didn't inherit the gene for mall tromping anyway so it hasn't been difficult for me. I'm enjoying having groceries delivered and find it a real time saver and keeps my risk to a minimum. 

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

Nothing changed for me.  I go every weekend like I always have.  I do wear a mask and use sanitizer when I'm done.  If you aren't comfortable it's awesome that you can order the items you need then either pick them up curbside or have them delivered.  I have no problem going to the stores.  Hit Kohls this past weekend with my daughter and her SIL. Got some hoodies for the cooler weather ahead and she got some great deals on shirts and pants for my grandkids.  I have to agree that I don't think I really would like having someone shop for me.  I do like picking out my own stuff.  And I do go to mulitple stores due to sales and different quality issues on the produce and meat.  Stay safe everyone.  If you can order, or do pickup and it keeps you safe then that's perfect!!  

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

I don't miss it because I still go to the grocery store.


I walk up and down every aisle.  Sometimes I'll talk to a person (we both have on masks).  It might last a minute or two and then we are both on our way.


I had a conversation with the guy putting up the Pepsi.  He works for the Pepsi company.  He told me all about the aluminum shortage (I like Pepsi REAL SUGAR).  I can't always find it.  He said they aren't making a lot of them right now due to the shortage.


A few people walked past and for about 1 minute joined in the conversation.  None of it was for very long.


I love talking to strangers.  It's a conversation more in passing than anything.


We talked about who we were voting for and a few other things. I don't miss going to the store because I still go to Harris Teeter and CVS and the same places I used to go to.


I take a minute to say hello to the same people at CVS.  They know me by name.


Life is what you make it.  If you are very careful where you put your hands and if you keep the mask up...I think (well, I think I will be fine).


I still eat out with my friend.  We sit in the restaurants.  Before we sit down we sanitize everything AGAIN..after we sit down.


I refuse to live my life in fear.  I'm not a stupid person.  I have faith in myself.

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Re: Do You Miss Shopping, Going to Grocery Stores, Etc.?

Can't say I miss I am shopping several times per week.  The local Meijer here today was madness....not enough registers open and lines all the way to the middle of the store for the ones that were.  I waited in line for 45mins to check out for a small amount of basics...about $40 worth.  Some people in front of me had carts over much stuff.  I can't imagine how they can afford it all!  And these were not young people with kids.  The cashier today kept saying this place is crazy!  Well it's been happening here for weeks now.


I love going to TJMaxx and Marshalls and DSW....I have been shopping there lately.  Not so much at Ulta.  


We also go to Costco every week or 2.  I like getting out before the bad freezing cold weather hits with alot of snow and ice.  So I am going out as much as possible and forget about cleaning the house LOLWoman LOL  


And cooking....I really don't like it much at all but shopping for all the food plus cooking prep and clean up!  My 3 sons are out now and I am just plain sick of it to be honest.


I LOVE eating out....if we can as much as possible...but we only do that 1 time per week.