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Do you make the effort before starting a thread that there wasn’t one started already on the same topic? I will look through several pages on a particular forum before I start the thread. Once in a while I will miss the thread and post my own, I feel bad about, I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder. 

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I appreciate it that you do that. It seems there are at least a handful of people who jump right in resulting in multiple threads on the exact same subject. It's not the end of the world but it is annoying.

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Apparently many people do not, based on the 50,000 "Where's Shawn" threads.

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Yes, I try.  I use the "Search Forums & Blogs" box at the top of the page to see if a topic has been already discussed.

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@KKJ wrote:

Apparently many people do not, based on the 50,000 "Where's Shawn" threads.


LOL, or David, Alberti, etc.  If they left wouldn't there be an immediate thread on that??  


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Sometimes, but I rarely start new threads.  My life just isn't that interesting.

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I very rarely start a new thread but always make sure to look before I do.  I appreciate you and all the others who do the same.  I'll admit I'm OCD about clutter but I've always thought the mods should delete the duplicate threads keeping the oldest.  But then....somebody's feelings would get hurt and there would be a thread about that.

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I rarely start a thread.


There is alot of separate "My trip to the grocery store" threads .

Can you imagine if we all started a "my trip to the grocery store" thread?

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Re: Do You Make The Effort

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I don't start threads anymore and will keep that to myself but I do glance through an interesting thread to see what the responses are so I don't duplicate another response..


LOL several years ago, I responded on a thread and was literally ambushed by the bullies yet one of them repeated, after mine, in different terminology and was glorified, LOL ... I said, "Well ain't that a kick in the booty."


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More than one often crops up when someone well known, be it movie star, politician, sports figure or whatever passes away. Sometimes within half an hour or so you'll see 2 or 3 so obviously not everyone checks.