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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

I rarely eat anything before I go out for an engagement. 


If I arrive at the party, restaurant, and they have nothing I can eat on the menu, I ask for a whole lot of water to drink and then when I go home stop at a place to grab a small bite to eat where I know I can stop for some food or just go home and eat something small at home.  My diet is very limited at this time (medically done), so I have to watch what I eat like a hawk. I just forgo if I just can't eat what is on the menu.

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

If it's going to be a long, drawn-out event, (wedding, lecture, benefit,  before a meal, etc., etc.), Yes.

I need food in my tummy to avoid too much acid build-up.

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

It just depends. I dislike potlucks ,so I always prepare a main course, I know we will eat. I hate buffets, and would rather go hungry, than trust the food at one


I am diabetic, so, I try to eat things that are protein, rather than carbs. I would rather dine in a restaurant ,with my husband than a crowd

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

I'm not picky eater or a fanatic about food at all, but my Diabetes has put me in the position of having to analyze whatever is put out for meals.  And I always bring a couple low-glycemic bars with me in case I can't have what is offered.... one time I was asked if I was ok?  I answered yes and explained what I have to do, to which they answered "why didn't I just bring an extra pill with me, that's what Uncle Bub did...."   Which most of us know Diabetes doesn't work that way at all. 


So with all that in mind I will usually have a small snack prior to going and then evaluate my options once I'm there..... Woman LOL


All a Diabetic needs is to experience just one time what it feels like to go either too high or too low in your numbers to ever let it happen again ...... party or no.  Woman Happy

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

No - I'll eat almost anything, anywhere.  I do have two friends who are picky ... so I put up with it and go where they want to go.  As I said - I'll eat almost anything.


Not a problem for me.

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

Food allergies dictate my ability to eat out.   When I meet friends, we eat at KFC, Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel.    


I stopped accepting invitations many years ago, due to my food issues.   In order to totally avoid problems, I stopped eating other people’s food, period, which also includes my own mothers cooking.   My food allergies were not diagnosed until my 30’s, so my mother has absolutely no idea how to cook for me.   

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

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Of course I would if I was going to a restaurant/event where

the dietary choices were questionable.


Me thinks🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔your friend might be giving you

an ‘invisible poke’ by the blow back. Could are

exhibiting behaviors desired by her? And there might be a 

little animosity? If so...that’s a classic sabotage. 


‘Picky eater?’  Nope. Just doing what it takes to make your life better.

For instance,

If you were allergic to kiwi, and made it known you were allergic

to kiwi, and friends continued to go to House of Kiwi every time,

even though you suggest other places.....I question their level 

of friendship.  I would think saying ‘No’ enough times would

change their behavior, but not changing speaks volumes.


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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

@haddon9 wrote:

@tsavorite wrote:

@sunshine45 wrote:

never eat before i go out to a party or before i go out to eat.

i know that restaurants and other places usually have at least one or two things that i can eat. i am not that picky and have no special dietary needs.


even if i can only have a cocktail and an appetizer i am fine.

I don't see myself as a picky eater but I do feel everyone has different preferences is all.  I can suggest places like Panera....Max & Ermas...Olive Garden (they like pasta I get chicken instead lol)....Red Lobster...and so on but it seems to fall flat.  


We only do this a few times per yr...but still it makes if very unenjoyable for me to spend money and it be awful tasting and have to go home and eat.  I'd rather go to a place with variety.

@tsavorite . You are suggesting all chain restaurants that usually have low quality food.  It's fine for once in a while but it sounds like you don't go out with them all that often.  Why not find a great restaurant?  You can check TripAdvisor which will have the best restaurants in any area.


I have to disagree about the restaurants listed having 'low quality food'. They certainly do not. 


They may have mostly foods that one doesn't find appropriate for their diet or health requirements, but the food at any of these is in no way what I would consider low quality. 

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

I do understand how the OP isn't happy about never getting her list of restaurants chosen from to visit. I eat out with someone that is getting worse and worse about having to go only where they want to, and the same couple of places over and over again. 


Sometimes I just eat very little, as I'm sick to death of those same places and the same menus. When they ask, I tell them I'm tired of eating the same places all the time, and I even turn down the invites to go occasionally, but the message doesn't seem to be received. 


It isn't that I 'can't' eat what is offered at those places, I'm just tired of them and I don't really think their foods in general are all that great. I hate to waste the money and calories on eating things I don't really like or want. 


I did have a health issue a few years ago and had a very limited diet. Then I usually ate at home before an event, and often didn't eat anything at the event (reunion, shower, party) and very little at a restaurant, maybe just a side of vegetables.

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Re: Do You Eat Before You Go?

You better Believe it!  Not a full meal to be sure but enough that if I don't end up eating much wherever I end up I'm not starving either.  I look at it as a safety net. makes me more comfortable to try something new.

I have foods I don't like AND foods that don't like me.

Lately though I've been trying other cultures foods and there is usually SOMETHING I can eat. 

If I am going to a party I will bring a dish. veggie platter or the like that I can nibble on if nothing else. 

In a lunch group setting its' usually a round robin affair each taking turns where to go.

I used to say NO alot.  now it's not so automatic anymore.