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I do all my dishes by hand, rarely use the dishwasher. 


I use Dawn ultra dish soap. It cleans the best. Dissolves grease, cleans glassware very well.


I have tried all kinds of dish soap.  I have found Ajax and Palmolive to be drying to my hands during the winter months. During the summer months I can use anything I can get my hands on.


during summer warm weather months I use dawn, Palmolive or Ajax. Don’t have any problems with my hands during the winter is a whole another story.


i switch to dawn renewal or Palmolive gentle hand dish soap. Don’t have any problems with these dish soaps during winter.

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I use good old Ivory dish soap.  Does a great job and is so gentle on my hand.  If I use Dawn I always use gloves or my hands get dry and itchy

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I use Mrs. Meyers dishwashing liquid.  It has humectants that make it really tough on grease, but it is very gentle on my very sensitive hands.  The last time I saw anything about American's Test Kitchen and dishwashing products, Mrs. Meyers received the highest rating.  I run the hottest water possible with Mrs. Meyers and put the dishes in to soak.  By the time I am done wiping down the counters and stove and loading the dishwasher with what can go in it, my pots and pans are ready to be washed.  The whole process is really quite painless and I DO NOT like to wash dishes.  When I found Mrs. Meyers, it became very simple so even I don't mind. 

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I use and love Mrs. Myers dishwashing liquid, as well as other cleaning products by Mrs. Myers.  Some I use regularly, some I haven't been pleased with.  The dishwashing liquid is amazing. I've never had cleaner glasses and it cleans coffee stains out of cups and the coffeepot. 

You can wipe the top of your stove and your finger will squeak when you run it over it.  It cleans grease just that good, and it shines in the process. 

You get free shipping with a $35 order and it comes securely packaged and fast.  The scents are wonderful so I always order a variety so I won't get tired of any one scent.  My favorite though is the clove. 

I want to add, that it is the most gentle product I've ever used to wash dishes in spite of it's cleaning ability. 

Where do you order it from. @Retired08.  I think I recall seeing this at the grocery store??  It sounds like a winner to me if it does what you say. Woman Very Happy


I use Mrs Meyers dishwashing liquid, hand soap and room freshener.  My favorite scent has been lemon verbena, but recently got the handsoap in honeysuckle - love it!


I usually get them when on sale in Target or Whole Foods


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Mrs. Meyer's products are sold at my Walmart.

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I agree with others who like Mrs. Meyer's - I usually buy it direct from their website.  I can find it at the grocery store but they have a limited selection.


I like it so much I give it as gifts!  The hand soap, the lotion, the dish detergent, laundry, etc - good stuff.  Oh and I can not live without the countertop spray.


Geranium is my favorite but there are lots of close contenders.

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Wear gloves.  I would think you would wear gloves when washing dishes anyway.  All dishwashing liquids are hard on the hands.

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I wear gloves whenever my hands go near water.


I was using original Palmolive for decades and buying it at Costco for a long time and then the last bottle I purchased it had some funky scent (new and improved!).  I don't do scent.


I now use the Seventh Generation unscented.  It works great.



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Re: Dish washing soap

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I order it from the Mrs. Myers online site.  But, yes, you can  find it in the store.  My daughter said they sell it at Publix and Target.  It's not offered at our Wal Mart yet. When you do find it in the store, you just get whatever scent they have.  You rarely find my favorites which is the clove and the pine scent.  There is lemon, basil, lavender, peony, any scent just about imaginable.  It's all NATURAL!!  And yes, it really works.  I've turned all my neighbors on to it, but they do buy it at the grocery store.   

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I do the same thing.  Run your hot water, let your dishes soak and they come out squeaky clean - even your tupperware.