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I cannot imagine what is going to happen to all those people on all those islands that were destroyed by all these horrific storms. They are so dependent on tourism that it seems nearly impossible that a full recovery will happen before immense suffering and sacrifice will take place. Yes, people are determined and resilient but the vast amounts of money that will be needed to rebuild is mind-boggling.  I just hope that these "storms of the century" are not repeated next year.

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We did have a dozen years without bad hurricanes, though, or at least that's what I saw on the news.  Oddly, only CNN is covering the Puerto Rico hurricane.  Prayers for the people in its path.

@OfCourse???  Even our local station is devoting segments to this.  I guess the personnel at the Weather Center took the week off.



I'm not sure where that is coming from.  Our local news has been covering Hurricane Maria as has GMA.  GMA had reporters down in PR covering this.  And I'm sure others stations are covering it as well, I'm just not watching. 

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