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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

Yes, I bought some little ice cream bowls.  My sisters and I love to shop the dollar store and find all kinds of good stuff.  Heart

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

I buy it and have gotten compliments.  Works for me.  Not expensive and seems to hold up.  And if it should break I am only out small change.  

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

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i would not personally use any dishes, glasses, cups, etc  from dollar stores. they can contain lead!!

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

@x Hedge wrote:

Yes. Look for more threads in the Home Forum.

Our sunflower pattern is gone now but at Dollar Tree the other day I saw a beautiful autumn leaves pattern in dishware, seat cushions, dish mats, etc.


As for the lead content, it's easy enough to check with Dollar Tree at their .com site.

Dishes can be used for more than eating.


I like to display candles on some of those pretty dishes.

I was thinking of a hanging wall display with those autumn plates.


I have a huge golden hued shallow bowl and in past years every day I would pick up the prettiest autumn leaf on my walk, bring it home and add it to the bowl. In no time I had a centerpiece of a huge jumble of beautiful colorful leaves that filled the room with the crisp, dry, leafy smell of the perfect autumn day.


I thought that would look great with those autumn leaves patterned dishes from Dollar Tree.

If I go to dot com, how do I find out if the dishes contain lead?  TIA  Smiley Happy

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

If you have a concern about lead test kits are inexpensive, fast and easy to use and reliable.

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

@Sue98 wrote:

The other day I was picking up some cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree, and as I was walking through the houseware aisle I noticed all the pretty dinnerware they have.  Some are printed with sunflowers, others are embossed, some plain, but there are very pretty colors, too.


I guess I've never noticed them because, to be honest, I wouldn't have ever considered buying dinnerware there, but then I've been wondering about them since.  For $1 per piece, it seems you couldn't go wrong.


Has anyone purchased dinnerware from Dollar Tree?  Any thoughts?

I purchased a lot of the outdoor dishes along with the matching cups, bowls, and serving pieces.  You're right, can't go wrong at a $1 a piece.  I've seen their dinnerwear and glasses that match and I think they're very nice.

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

I would NEVER eat on anything that comes from China!

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

@patbz wrote:

I buy their glassware for every day use.  I haven't bought their dinnerware but even if it is made in China it has to clear customs and USA lead standards.  I'm tired of having any and everything made in China slammed; reminds me of "made in occupied Japan".  That said, I skip things like their toothpaste and dog food as it could be easily adultrated.


Exactly!  I don't buy any food items at all from Dollar stores not even if they have brand names because there are counterfeit foods out there but I have no problem at all with non food items.  I think a lot of older posters are stuck in different time, post WW II thinking.  They still think of China and it's economy as it was 50 years ago.  Also, many of the the "made in China" items are made in huge factories that are actually owned by Americans.  They just manufacture their goods in China (and elsewhere) because it's cheaper to do so.  


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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

This isn't about the Dollar store, but I was looking for some coffee mugs and was in Sur la Table. Certainly not a cheap store, and had a hard time finding ones not made in China that were microwaveable. Tableware made in China is all over the place. Doesn't only have to be the Dollar store.

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Re: Dinnerware at Dollar Tree?

i have seen some nice dinnerware/glassware at dollar store/tree.

have never purchased any.