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Different Thanksgiving this year

Since this year was going to be like no other Thanksgiving, we made a slight menu change.


We did not have any house guests staying for several days and my son had to work. We had no idea when my son would get off from work so planning the meal was up in the air. He generally get home anywhere from 8 PM to 10 PM.


So this year we decided to try a different approach. Rather than cook a whole turkey or a turkey b r e a s t, we would buy Dietz and Watson sliced deli turkey. That way they would be ready for sandwiches on Friday. We heated up the sliced turkey in gravy and made the usual sides. I think I like this better than having a whole turkey. 


Today I just finished a turkey sandwich. I am so happy with our decision. The turkey was sliced nice and thin and made an excellent sandwich.


I vote to make this menu change permanent. Not sure the out of town guests will approve next year.

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

It wasn't because of Covid for me this year.  But it just wasn't felt in the heart for myself.  I hope next year a number of things will be different, in a good way too.  



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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

years ago because I don’t particularly like turkey, S/O and I started out own tradition.  Easy when you don’t have other family nearby.  The meat was grilled lamb chops - sides were varied but I aimed always for fresh and colorful with lots more choice than our everyday meals.  Just homemade apple pie for dessert



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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

I think the proper comment here would be " Whatever

Floats your Boat " !!!!

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

Since it was just me, I cooked a Cornish game hen, with a side of Texas toast, and cherry pie for dessert.

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

Turkey would have been too much for us this year.  We rotisseried a chicken.  Fancied it up with fresh herbs.  Dried would have been just as flavorful.  We decided to cook chicken on Wednesday because rain was expected Thursday.   So chicken was sliced cold and each serving reheated.   Dressing, pumpkin pie, collard greens, cornbread and cranberry sauce completed our dinner.  Now i have a frig of leftovers.  I think its time we consider if Thanksgiving dinner menu should continue.  Lots of families serve nontraditional foods.  After all it's being with those we love and being thankful for what we have.  Happy Thanksgiving.





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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

I had a plate of green beans "almondine"......and a dish of ice cream.

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

It's was just me and my kitty at home. I had a salad, roasted turkey breast, and the most delicious baked sweet potato. I haven't had a sweet potato in years. Best thing I've had in forever!

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

Our Thanksgiving was as usual. We're staying at one of our kids houses and had a full Thanksgiving dinner at my other kids house. My brother joined us. Baby included we had 8 people. The girls and I went shopping in town today. Did a lot of damage. So, as I said, this holiday was no different than our past ones. Woman Happy

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Re: Different Thanksgiving this year

We followed the recommendations and it was just the 5 of us who live here.  No one wanted turkey so we had a wonderful ham dinner with a bunch of desserts.  Casual.  We played board games in the evening and watched movies.  It was great!  We have much to be thankful for this year, even as the pandemic rages throughout the nation.  We are thank to live in the state we live in, thankful that our familes have not contracted the virus.  Thankful that no one we love lost a job because of it.  Everyone has been working from home on a laptop since last winter.  Both my son in laws are teachers but they teach remotely.  Different towns.  One teaches remotely for a "classroom" he set up at home.  The other one goes into his classroom at school to teach his classes.  Good food, family, fun, gratitude. Our Thanksgiving was smaller but not in the ways that truly mattered.