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Re: Diet...can you relate?

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It's so tough, isn't it?  As soon as you say "I can't have pasta..." then that is all that you want!  You are actually addicted to this stuff and you need to retrain your taste buds as well as your mind.  Please buy or check out from the library this book:  Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  He has written many other books as well, but this was his first.  Dr. Furhman's plan works - I've used it.  My husband uses it, and while he goes off of it, he does go back on when he is feeling gross after too much SAD (standard American diet) food.  However, it really isn't a "plan."  It's a different approach to eating.  First of all, Dr. Fuhrman's mantra is:  "The salad is the main meal."  If you are hungry then you can eat a giant salad and healthy soup.  Dr. Furhman is all about eating food with the most micronutrients.  He also once wrote somewhere that if you are struggling to change your eating habits, then keep eating whatever you are eating but ADD MORE GREENS to your diet!  So eat 10 Big Macs, but add a salad in there.(I'm joking, but you get the idea.)  He is right - we are deprived of greens.  Another book that is respected and similar to Dr. Fuhrman is "Forks Over Knives."  Anyway, good luck to you.  You are making an investment in your health and future.  

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I feel your pain!  I'm struggling with my weight.  So many people i talk to don't eat carbs, some don't eat sugar, some don't eat red meat, some don't eat anything that's white, some are exercise crazy.  I just think everyone should do everything in moderation and live your life.  Of course, I don't eat in moderation.  I think I have a good diet but i just eat too much.  I do exercise almost every day.  I must say that i do feel better when i don't exercise.  I told my doctor that everytime I get the urge to exercise that i just lay down until the urge passes.  LOL.  Good luck, just take it one meal at a time. 

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Best of luck with a healthier lifestyle.  Please see a nutritionist.  They can really help you.  You are sacrificing too much.  Balance is the key and smaller portions.  Have you ever tried exercising in a pool?  I have had my share of back issues, but working out in the pool has strengthened my back and help me get in shape.  Try some of the aqua classes and work at your own pace and enlist the help of the instructor to help you avoid injury.  It's also a great social outlet.

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@2blonde Really good information.I agree esp. about eating small all day.I am a grazer and I really believe that keeps the metabolism running.I have been making chia gels as snacks lately.I bought those lunch box size salad dressing containers made of scilicone so they squeeze.I put about a tablespoon of chia in and fill with Acari berry juice....shake it up and refridgerate.Great for a snack and filling.I noticed that the trainers from my gym adopted that idea so it has to have some merit.You just squeeze into your mouth and it tastes like fruit leather...kind of fun.

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You shouldn't feel like you're "dying" when you exercise. 



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When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight....the people who are most successful seem to be those who eat to live not live to eat.


Since you have a serious medical issue with your back, @Shorty2U, I think a nutritionist may be a good option. If you are on meds the nutritionist can help you with an individualized plan taking into consideration your food preferences and adapting your new eating program to address your medical needs. A slow, steady weight loss will allow you to psychologically adapt to a new way of life. 


Good luck with everything...

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Cereal and milk isn't a good breakfast, too much sugar, even the "healthy" cereals and milk contains sugar also.     You need protein for breakfast.   You'd be better off just drinking a healthy shake.    Try Slim Fast.   Walmart carries Nutrisystem shakes.


Fruit is full of sugar also, even though it's not processed sugar, it's still sugar.


Carbs are not evil, but you have to eat in moderation and pair with a protein.

Balance & moderation, not starvation.

Good luck


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Different things work for different people.  Some of the recommendations here have me SMH because I don't think of some of the stuff as healthy and everyone is giving you ideas of what works for them and weightloss is individual.


I was always a "everything in moderation" type of a person.  I thought I could eat less of things I wanted because I always thought that if I had to completely cut something out of my diet, it would be too restrictive, I would get irritated because I couldn't have it and that's what I would crave and I'd give in.


Over the last few months, and due to having to eliminate things out of my house because of a health scare with DH, I have come to learn that I personally do much better totally eliminating things out of my diet than trying to eat smaller portions because I just want more and more of certain things if I eat them at all. 


My DH has always been that way and I thought he was nuts.  And when he got that way I told him I thought he needed to eat things in moderation. He told me there was no moderation for him.  If he couldn't eat the portion he wanted, he didn't want it at all.  


I found I'm the same way.


Also, I would meet with a certified dietician, not a nutritionist.  Anyone can call themself a nutritionist.  You do not need to have any education or credentials to be a nutritionist although some do choose to certify themself.  A dietician is licensed to practice diet and nutrition consultation.