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Re: Did anyone hear Bezos latest?

I guess there's alway Mars with Elon Musk 

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Re: Did anyone hear Bezos latest?

@NYC Susan wrote:

@bjabuckeye wrote:

The 1% do nothing except devise ways to demolish the middle class. As for their grandchildren, they would cut their throats and drink their blood for sustenance. They're not like the rest of us, who would jump in front of a train to save ours. 



So only those of us who are not in the 1% love our children and grandchildren?  That's ridiculous.  You're painting a whole lot of people with a very broad brush.  Based, might I add, on absolutely nothing.  How are you possibly qualified to determine how fiercely other people love their families?


I know several 1%-ers.  And your description doesn't fit them at all.  Generalizing is never a good idea, but this one is really ridiculous.



@bjabuckeye  I haven’t read the whole thread but I do know the ex wife of a1%. My family went to their wedding. He is in the process of giving money (billions) away and has always supported his children. 


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Re: Did anyone hear Bezos latest?

Let 'em go; let 'em go!  I'm happy to stay behind.