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Re: Dental implant problems?

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@SilleeMee I'm curious as to the reason you are having a full mouth of individual implants.   I recently had the scans, impressions etc done.  I don't have the autoimmune issue you have but due to another medical issue implants are my only option too.   It's awful being so limited right now on food choices. 





Not a full mouth, hopefully! Just five missing teeth and one loose one will get the implants. The future is uncertain about how many more will get loose and/or fall out. I hope it won't be a full mouth! 

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Re: Dental implant problems?

Someone asked "if implants fail, then what?" ; in DHs case, he got a full set of dentures.  After three adjustments, they are fine but DH feels his steak eating days are mostly behind him.  The good news is he has lost 50 lbs over last 18 mths (he is about the same weight he was when we married 36 years ago).

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Re: Dental implant problems?

bone implant on 1 tooth oral surgeon said well it may work or not so did it I was lucky after 3 months of liquid diet & it did work but he was up front with me, a good surgeon will tell u p front this is how it goes. He has no idea depends on the person

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Re: Dental implant problems?

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Implants in general have a 5 - 10% failure rate no matter who does the work.  

Many implants fail because of the incompetent dentists.

Incompetent is the KEY word.