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Re: Deadliest day for China in virus fight as global fears mount

@candys mine wrote:

My take on this? It has been around a while longer than first thought. .  How many cases of it and travelers moved in and out of the area being mistaken for a cold or the flu before that corona virus was at last identified?

I would still follow the travel bans being put in place and I applaud those travelers who upon returning from suspect areas are doing a voluntary stay at home isolation for 2 weeks. 

Can't blame the travelers, the virus can be spread before they ever felt sick so who knew? 

Airline travel spreads illness around the globe faster than any other period in history. 

all we can do is our own part not to spread "germs".

Wash hands, sneeze into your sleeve, Don't rub your eyes or touch your face or mouth with your hands.  Wash your hands.  Avoid people if you don't feel well.  Take care of yourself. 

My question of the day is How are all those citizens in China who are on "quarantine" being fed?  Are stores still being stocked?  Haven't heard much about that.

Be well all.





@candys mine, there was a story in today's Los Angeles Times that included what they are going through. It's a nightmare for them.

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