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That poor guy's been eating for 4 hours!  I can't imagine!  I'd have the worst indigestion known to man!


Heck!  Mine would be so bad they'd want to study me to find out what NOT to do.


Yet!  He seems to be doing well!  I do notice that as the hours progress he takes smaller bites.


That's understandable!


My friend will buy anything David sells.....I know...I know.

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I know this seems to upset people when it comes up. But David's needs to restrain from some of his eating.  He has put on many pounds.  None of his shirts button anymore. He said today that he goes home on Sunday night and orders take-out. I guess it's in his job description, but I don't think anyone would mind terribly if he didn't taste all the food - often more than once. I had a relative who literally killed himself with food.. We were told that the heart has to work extra hard with large people. and puts them in jeopardy.He was 6'4" with a sturdy build.

Please, David take care more responsible care of your health. Your fans would like you to be around for a long time.

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I don't know about his digestive system but he has put on quite a few pounds over the last few years.  Maybe he should follow the example of Leah and lose a few.



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He always stays positive. You got to know eating two burgers and then something sweet, then more meat, then nuts and seeds, and so on and so on, has to be hard to swallow and look like you enjoy it. At one time I heard him say he orders take out Chinese for his dinner on Sundays after a big food show!  I’d be sick for days but he keeps smiling and dancing.  I enjoy watching him when he’s on, he always does a good job and people seem to like him.  I bet he’s snoring in the recliner as we speak.

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It's a tummy turner to watch him eat meatballs - then peach cobbler - then mac and cheese.  It's my tummy that does the tumble!   David is walking on eggshells re: his health.

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This is just my opinion, but I've never been persuaded to order a food item based on yum yum faces (oldies will recall that's what David used to call his food tasting act in the early days).  I much prefer the visual of the food on the display, the cooking, and seeing something being cut into so that we can get an idea of the texture.  It's fine if the host wants to take a nibble, but the gobbling bites don't seem necessary.  That said, Since it's been QVC's position to have the host gourging food during their food and kitchen shows they must feel this style encourages the most revenue.  


I wish they would follow the style of Evine and HSN in the kitchen where there is more talking about the product and foods, and less chewing.  I was watching Wolfgang Puck on HSN yesterday and while there was a little tasting as Wolfgang opened lids and such to demonstrate the cookware, no one was gourging. It's similar on Evine where there may be some nibbling, but no I should be seated at a table going after the food.    

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I like David, I enjoy his presentations when I watch.  I am not a viewer of live QVC most days.  But when I tuned in and saw David after a long time not watching him I could not help notice the change in his size and weight.  I do think he should limit what he eats or be aware he might be causing himself harm if he keeps going at his pace.  

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I don't generally watch the food shows, but I do like David.  Many years ago, he and Rick did a live food show right before Christmas and he was not as jovial as I thought that he would be.  Rick really connected with the audience.  Anyway, I often wonder if his happiness on camera is just for show, and eating so much (again, I rarely watch his food shows), is just a way to deal instead of enjoyment.

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