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Re: Darn Kids Take Years Off Your Life

@CrazyKittyLvr2 wrote:

I spoke with my niece, little girl was kept overnight.  She is still somewhat dizzy but had kept some food down.  I guess if she doesn't throw up she may be allowed to go home.

@CrazyKittyLvr2  Sorry this happened but I'm thankful she's keeping food down and it looks like she's getting better! Heart

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Re: Darn Kids Take Years Off Your Life

@Kalli  The funny thing is this kid has 3 brothers, ages 17, 16 and 7.  She loves her girly sparkly stuff, she has been a shoe hound since she was 2 but man, she doesn't take any guff from the boys. She wants to do what the boys do. She has no fear, period.


My niece said for all the wrestling, doing cart wheels in the house and other stuff she does, bonking her nead on a table is what landed her in the hospital.

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Re: Darn Kids Take Years Off Your Life

@San Antonio Gal wrote:

If I didn't have a daughter or 2 grandchildren, I'd be a wealthy woman!  Smiley Happy  (joke)

@San Antonio Gal   Exactly!  Although I wouldn't trade my kids for anything, when I think of all the $$$$ I spent on braces, parochial school, college, music and dance lessons, Scouting, etc......but then I guess my parents could say the same thing about me....😁

I would give everything I own just to have you back again.......David Gates of Bread
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Re: Darn Kids Take Years Off Your Life

@Jordan2 wrote:

You don't fool around when you hit your head. I always remember Natasha Richardson hit her head while sking, thought nothing of it and died. I'm glad your great niece is okay. 


About 15 years ago, my dad fell and hit his head on the floor. He had a headache for a day but then it got worse. He ended up with a brain bleed. Luckily, surgery saved him.

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Re: Darn Kids Take Years Off Your Life

@PamfromCT wrote:

Little bruises and bangs are one thing, but head injuries are another.  

I will never forget the time my son fell on ice outside as a teen, knocked out cold, while we waited for an ambulance. He did have a concussion, and I do remember well when he awoke.


We had been planning to take our son and a friend to the movies that evening,  Once he was awake, he lamented “I guess we won’t be going to the movies tonight.”  






I grew up around ice skating and hockey. Always someone falling and hitting their head/nose or something, that included me. Have many scars and a bent nose as evidence. Can't remember anyone  getting knocked out. Why! I have no idea because helmets were decades down the road.


Never heard the word concussion that I can remember. Did hear got his bell rung or something similar, but not much was known back in those years about brain injuries.


Makes me wonder many time how some of us managed to grow old with most of our brains still functioning pretty well. Knowledge is power, but sometimes I think some, take it to the extremes. 


Won't go into more detail as I sure don't want this thread to go off the OP's topic.


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