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It poured down with rain all durning the night ,65 mile winds.

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It's sunny, very breezy and a cool 57 degrees in the Sarasota area. I've got all of my windows open to let the breeze circulate. Lots of whining from the TV weather folks and talk of bundling up. One of my neighbors came by a few minutes ago to ask why my windows are open...they've turned the heat on and set the thermostat to 80! Yikes. 

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@amyb wrote:

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It's actually snowing in TN! A little of it even seems to be sticking around on the grass.


When it's cold I love chili too, or a good soup, or baked ziti. Food that retains its warmth is so nice when it's cold outside. I also find that adding a little touch of pepper flakes to food when its cold out makes me feel warmer.

Oh yea..I almost posted baked ziti I feel like I need to get some today!

Your mom's recipe has crushed chili flakes in it too. Heart So warming. Oh now I'm really craving pasta.

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