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@TY   Make that a dessert island and I'm in Cat Very Happy

Whatever gets you through the night; it's alright, it's alright. It's your money or your life; it's alright, it's alright---John Lennon
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I just need the money. The rest of life is fine for now, even with the Corona. We have been lucky, everyone still working and no one sick.


Blessed and grateful.

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I’ll be happy with the 5 million, thank you.
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I'd settle for an ice rink playing 50's-'60's music.




hckynut 🏒

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Well yes, I do need a break! LOL! I'll take the wine and a private island for a nice little break for a couple of months....a small villa stocked with plenty of TP, a fully stocked kitchen and a housekeeper who will take care of cooking and cleaning. And a million would be plenty!