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Mark Zuckerberg
CEO of Facebook is my podiatist twin
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When I was a teenager I was told that I look like Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's.
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When I was young & thin with long straight dark hair parted in the middle people used to say that I looked a lot like Cher.

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@Puppy Lips, it’s his sense of humor! Sly is a very funny man. Too bad he doesn’t want to go back to Oklahoma for a second season of Tulsa King. Perfect show for him, and you can tell the cast is having a blast.

His comedies were never big hits, but he was convulsively funny in Rhinestone with Dolly Parton. Everyone agrees it was a terrible movie, but he really does have a gift for comedy.
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@happilyretiredgirl, nothing wrong with that! Michael Bolton will always be a fox, and I guess your husband will be, too. My ex looked like Tom Selleck when we married in 1982, prime Magnum days, only a couple of inches shorter, same mustache. Tom has aged much better, but then he has taken better care of himself.
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@Shop Till you Drop wrote:

I have never met her, but I  have been told in my area and the next city over where I work that I have a twin.  So many times I will go to a store and a sales person will say your back?  I'm like no, first time in, lol.  She and I frequent alot of the same type stores.  Its usually boutiques, hallmark, target, She is aware of me also, many people have said they have told my twin about me...LOL maybe someday we will run into each other.




@Shop Till you Drop ...I have the same thing happen to me very often although it is not always just from my area...It can be anywhere I go...even on vacations!...So, apparently, my twin is also  traveling to the exact same places as


The funny thing is that I am actually a twin; however, not identical...We are fraternal twins and look nothing alike whatsoever...We used to tease our Mom that maybe they mixed us up with another set of twins in the


Hmmm, I wonder?  Woman LOL


Something else that just came to mind...I remember seeing a documentary quite a while ago about Twins that were separated at birth and they found each other years later...The amazing thing is that they dressed very similar and also lived very similar lifestyles.


I was just thinking this would make for a very interesting separate thread.



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@Puppy Lips - he was a really good character actor and a very nice man. We live in Italy part of the year & so did he; he told us to stop by & gave us his address in Sicily. We never did. He had a nice little chat with my husband, in Italian, at the airport but we were all rushed. Very genuine. He passed away from lung cancer.