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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/02/2022

Beautiful close-ups @MamaWick!

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/02/2022

Oh the deer are beautiful.. The first picture is wonderful... They all look like they are posing... Amazing.

Willow I see you....  Are you saying,

Hey Mom stop with the pictures!

Thank you for these wonderful pictures.

A sure winner today.

Love to you and blessings to all.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/02/2022

All photos are stand outs especially the first one, filled with nature.  The healthy looking Buck , handsome!!!


Princess Willow White so cozy and cute sound asleep in her warm blanket surrounded by love!

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/02/2022

@MamaWick    Wonderful pictures of today's bucks!   🦌🦌🦌🥕🥕


Woofs and hugs to the adorable Miss Willow White.  Whether napping or playing, you are the cutest model. 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈