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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

She is beautiful!

And they all seem so politeSmiley Happy!

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

The girls are out to get those carrots.  I just love looking at these beautiful animals.  I also think of the rough life they have in the wild.  I am glad they have you @MamaWick .

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

The family has a craving for carrots lol. Pretty things.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

First we greet the group coming for their meals.  The doe duo enjoying their carrots and the solo ladies posing and looking so pretty!  Of course, love the photo with the wild grass in the background as always.  Nature greets us!


It is a calm time and MamaWick feeding her visitor is a bond of trust and kindness!!!!!

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

[ Edited ]

I was reading an interesting book review today about a biologist and former park ranger who had a moving and close relationship with a fox in the area surrounding her remote home in Montana.  As a woman whose parents never loved her, she sought solace and comfort away from people and in nature.


She had some interesting insights into deer behavior and markings that I thought might interest you.  Here:


"This background explains her need for Fox, and her ease with his mute companionship as they begin spending more time together. She locates his paths, and they traverse her land in tandem. In one scene the author and Fox follow several deer in the evening light, and Raven observes aloud that the bright white markings on the animals’ backsides are “glowing like highway markers.” Perhaps, she speculates, this enables the deer to follow each other easily even in the dusky twilight, and the straight file they form confines their scent, making them less vulnerable to predators. That Fox is unable to understand her does not lessen her enjoyment in discussing “a limitless number of engaging topics” with him. And his habit of presenting himself — standing on his hind legs, pressing his nose against her front window — provides a lonely soul with incomparable solace." 


Admittedly, I was intrigued by the author's close relationship with "Fox."  For those interested, the book is: 





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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

The doe are absolutely stunning!!  Just so beautiful and the look on their face is beautiful!!  


Such calming pics to see daily!!  Love the deer!!  Heart

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021


Such beautiful face; such a beautiful deer family.  So nice they pay you a daily visit each day.  Heart

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

@golding76  Thank you for the book information, and Interesting observations about following the deer!

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Re: DEER Wednesday 07/14/2021

@MamaWick   Just wondering if PapaWick feeds the deer...


Will the deer take the carrots from PapaWick's hands or just yours?