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My cousin and her husband from Tennessee visited today.  We are all 4 fully vaccinated and it was so nice to hug.  Anyway, we had visitors while we were on the patio.  They took pictures, too.









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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021

Let's go group, the Wick's are having company and we need to welcome them!  


How nice your cousin and hubby witnessed nature in your back yard, gentle sweet visitors who had their photo ops and carrots , such a serene sight to see!


Cricket is resting but keeping an eye out on everything making sure her peace and quiet are undisturbed!!!!!  What a lovely time.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021

Mama Wick,


I bet your family loved your furry friends!

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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021

Oh they must have been thrilled! Just like we are everyday too!

The deer are looking like they are filling out and healthySmiley Happy

And Cricket-she's got the right idea.

I'm with her-napsHeart

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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021

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@MamaWick   How wonderful, all around, for you and your family to be able to get together.  

Your deer family look happy too in joining the party. 

Woofs and belly rubs to Cricket.  She has the right idea, relax in the Texas shade.  

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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021


What a sweet welcome wagon for your guests
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Re: DEER Wednesday 04/07/2021

Sweetheart deers and adorable Crickett!  A perfect combination,  Thanks for these photos!