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This is her latest stick obsession.  It is almost as big as Willow.





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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

They missed you. Hi Willow ❤️🐾❤️

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Wow! They sure missed you!

And there is that little sweetheart about to come through your door!💗

You go Willow girl with your big sticks!🥰

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

That precious baby near the table!  I gasped when I saw that pic.  The joy just welled up inside me at the sight of that little charmer.


And then we have darling Willow. 


The photos are such a grand antidote to all the heaviness in life at this time.


Thank you so much, MW.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

It looks like the Wick's diner for deer is filled today, lots of hungry customers!!.  Word is out the Wick haven is open again!!!!  I love the curious doe looking for MamaWick on the patio, she is without fear knowing carrots are near !!!!! It is a delightful time for the visitors!


Miss Willow White looking playful, so adorable and out and about!  No fancy toys for her, just a big wide stick will do!!!!  



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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Tiny little girlis checking -


'Are you really home?'

'I was afraid you mignt have left us.'


They really appreciate y'all. 

Love you too!



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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Wow you've got quite the crew today! The little deer always steal my heart. Of course dogs rule. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Great pictures. Your baby's growing and she's adorable 🥰 I like the picture of the twig on you deck. 

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Complete trust 💕💕🦌🦌

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Re: DEER Wednesday 03/16/2022

Hello beautiful girls!  I see you are on the deck for "carrot tea"?  lol!


I will come rock Willow any day!  What a sweetheart!