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Tracy and BB









Jack Buck


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Thank you for my daily dose of dear deer!  

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Re: DEER Tuesday 12/01/2020

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Oh my favorite ..... yes, Im partial to sweet Tracy.....and that Jack Buck is handsome too...I also like Tracy's friends too....

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@MamaWick  I love seeing your deer pictures every day. Always a ray of sunshine to make my day. Thanks!🦌

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Like the others, I am very happy to take my "Deer Vitamin" every day.  


In the top two photos, the deer seemed so in sync with their movements.  What a joy to watch the beauty and magic of Mother Nature.  Thank you for bringing it to our home, MamaWick.

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@MamaWick -

What stunningly beautiful pictures!

You could publish a book with all of these heart-warming deer!Heart

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@MamaWick - Thank you, I needed that dose of deer today. That buck is certainly a handsome guy and the ladies are quite attractive.

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Thank you for today's wonderful pictures. The first picture looks like you almost caught them kissing!

Love the other pictures too.  I was adding some of the baby carrots to my beef stew recipe and thought that you deer would enjoy some too.  

Woofs to Cricket along with some belly rubs.