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They were watching PapaWick on a ladder.





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Thanks 🥰

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Inspector Dear Deers are the cutest.

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Hey, Hey, Gang!


Over at the Wick house they got Good Food and Free Entertainment!


See ya’ there.

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We've got hunters in the woods for the next 2 weeks of rifle season for bucks.   This county is also allowing special conditions for taking a doe during this time as well.   


This area is totally overrun with deer!

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Hi @RedTop 


Yea, I hear ya.....too bad for the deer.



or in some opinions totally overrun with people living in their home.


I side with the deer - any and every time,  just sayin....


Smiley Wink

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Nice 👍 

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Stop, look and listen.


And then, the All Clear signal.

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I agree with your sentiments.  Sadly, this year it is legal to hunt deer on Sundays in our state.   I hear the gunshots if I step outside to the back of our house.

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Just beautiful, as always!  Heart