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In the photo below, he was looking down at Willow 




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Today, it's the beautiful bucks turn to forage and bask in the sun.


Little Willow is nestling in what I'm sure is her favorite place - in her mother's arms.


Thank you MamaWick!

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Great photos and thanks for posting.  Enjoy seeing all the different postures and stances.

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Here come the Bucks with their beautiful, large antlers.  With the antlers getting larger and larger, the Bucks are very proud.  I would not want to carry around the extra weight.

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What handsome bucks!  They are so stately!


There's our pretty little girl.  Happy nap!

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I love the photo of the sun shining on the Buck's handsome face while shade surrounds.  MamaWick's photos are always interesting and show different looks of the woodland creature's expressions and movements  a delightful nature trip.  


Willow White is in the arms of love and off to dreamland.  It is a gentle calm feeling at the Wick Haven !

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That is a beautiful picture with the sun on that guy's handsome face!

And I'm sure Willow is in her happy place, in @MamaWick's lap with a snuggle and a hug!💓


Last night we were driving around looking at Halloween decorations and coming home in the court there were 8! deer running across a neighbors yard! Well, it really was the mothers and their babies.

I felt like I was in @MamaWick's yard except they didn't stop for carrots!




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What handsome fellows!  Very stately!!!!


Willow loves cuddlin' with her "mom"......awwww

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I'll have to show DH these pics.  We have very few deer with racks

like these.  

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`wow, they are so handsome... amazing.

stately.... thank you.

Willow you look so comfortable sleeping on your Mom's chest under her chin..

So beautiful.

Thank you so much Mama for these amazing pictures... I love them.

You made my day.

Blessings and love to you and all.