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@KatCat1  it is just texturing of the antlers

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@MamaWick    Please keep them coming, your beautiful pictures that is!   Such expressions on the deer.  My favorites are the ones where they appear to be talking.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Woofs to sweet Cricket in heaven.   Your mama and papa are taking good care of your dear deer friends.  💕

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Gorgeous photos!!!! The deer family is magnificent
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Gorgeous photos, as always.  Your deer family just seem to be getting even more adorable.

(Now, I need to catch up & go back to the last 3-4 days I missed.)

Thanks for sharing.

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@MamaWick   Thank you,  It was driving me crazy so I did a searcxh and here is a close up.  The hair is also different on the very top of their heads.  This may sound crazy but I have fallen in love with these creatures since visiting your threads with all the pictures.  You can see their gentleness is their eyes.


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The photos are so beautiful, as always!  Their pose, the way they look, always amazing!!  Heart


It looks like I could reach through the computer and pet them!  Just stunning!!  Heart