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This guy is doing a little Charleston!



Tracy looks thinner.  Perhaps she has a hidden fawn she'll be bringing by to introduce soon.












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Getting playful and showing off my antlers  -- I can see your bottom teeth.  I think they are looking for the carrots.

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I enjoyed your comment about the Buck doing the Charleston!!!!!  I can imagine the movements  of the deer  you must see!  In so many ways the woodland creatures entertain! !  


I would love to see a fawn and if Tracy had her baby, maybe we will.  She is a frequent diner and her baby will follow!  The last photo of the proud buck as he checks his surroundings is impressive!  All is good at the Wick's!!!!



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@MamaWick - Well, I see there is a little attitude going on with the buck - not enough carrots today? Great pics, thanks!

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Yes he does!😄

A handsome guy too! Maybe he is flirting with you!

And Tracy does look thin.She has such a pretty face.


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Oh wow. The antlers are growing so fast! I hope Tracy is ok. Great pics as always @MamaWick. Beautiful and entertaining.

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That first picture is unreal!  What a shot!  Just WOW!


The gals are adorable as always!Smiley Happy

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Is that little boy doing a dance for you?


Love it!



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Re: DEER Tuesday 06/01/2021

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@MamaWick   WONDERFUL picture of the buck, lol, as if he was posing.

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@MamaWick   Do you think Tracy is an old deer?  Sometimes older animals are on the thin side, and there is a look about them.