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2 Beautiful little deers!!





This is just so so cute! Are they real?!😄❤️

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It's about time you show your face around here.  Willow, you have grown into a pretty puppy.  So glad you could join us.  All the animals love the Wicks.  They know they will be safe and given water and food.  The first picture is truly beautiful showing those big brown eyes and the 2nd picture -- make yourself at home.  

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She's awake!  Smiley Very Happy    


I love how they make themselves at home and also nice to see your squirrel friend again.   I do love my squirrels, but have only been seeing one lately.  S/he comes out to snag some of the peanuts I put out and sometimes even goes onto the hottub where I have the food and water station.  


This looks like a hot mess most of the time, but here's one snagging some bits to fill the cheeks...That handle on the lower right is to a snow shovel that stays on there upside down, under which I put some food for the small birdies and whoever can fit under there.  That way they have some extra that the bigger ones cannot get to.  BUT, the squirrels can get under there and that's fun to watch.   Smiley Very Happy



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@MamaWick    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, they made my day!!

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Thank you, Willow, you are awake, bright-eyed and bushy tailed today, well, not very bushy tailed, lol.

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@MamaWick    These are all such beautiful photos of deer, squirrel and of course Willow!  That sweet deer face in the first photo, and that second photo.  I love how she has just made herself right at home with you.  It looks like she is saying, well come on out here and bring carrots!  We so much love and appreciate all your posts @MamaWick  Thank you!  

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A lovely deer relaxing on the patio, a sweet deer resting in the tall wild grass. a squirrel joining in to snack on some seeds, it is nature time at the Wick Haven and all is well, calm and soothing.  Different photos of the deer yet each  one has such a peaceful effect, hanging out with nothing to do but rest!


Willow looks so alert and raring to go, no red blanket time yet.  Whether the activity is moving or still the photos bring joy and fun.  A post which always pleases!!!!!

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Honestly, someday that lil' girl deer is going to take a seat on your patio!  What a sweet face!


The deer are visiting, some are napping, some are peeking in to see Mama & Papa, the squirrels are munching, and Willow is Up and Awake!  - All's Right at Wick Haven.


Thank you @MamaWick   & Papa.


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Just BEAUTIFUL photos....


That deer looks like she came over to sit a spell and relax and have a chat with you......she really looks comfortable...


The Squirrel is so cute and ready to enjoy a feast of  seed....


And what can one say about Princess Willow she woke up from her nap and looks ready to play or to get into some mischief....



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