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I am so happy to see you!!

I am so glad you are home!

Well, that made my day all over again! Stay well and lots of naps for you with your kitty, like Willow!❤️

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Oh Willow!  What darlin' face you have!  I would love to hold you!!!!!


I guess I am a long line, lol!


The deer surely speak a lot!!!  I would love to know what the deer think!!!  I'm sure the deer love you!

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@MamaWick   Are the deer singing for their supper in the first picture, or is it deer serenade?  I love how they look right at you.  🥕🦌


Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White.  Is that her "deer in the headlights" imitation?  Perhaps she's giving you the look as if to tell you that she has had enough of the puppy shots.  Whatever it is, I just want to kiss her adorable face! 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Oh wow!  You can really see the markings on the girls today.   I  love looking at that.  And Willow.....made me smile and giggle just to see her.  Thanks for the pics @MamaWick 

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