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Fresh, warm laundry...


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A sweet and slow Spring day for Cricket, while the deer feed and seemingly march.

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Cricket resting in towels is so precious. And the deer seem very alert and playful today. What sweet pics you've posted for us.Thanks @MamaWick.

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It's so nice to see Cricket snuggled in. Is she doing ok? I know you said she needed a glucosomine tablet. We used to give our dogs one as they got older and they did have it in pill form (not the chew). 20210411_104842.jpg


Some of these deer look like they might be very young.

This one looks like she has mastered

her dance step😊

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such sweet animals .. & to end the story with Sweet Cricket napping.  Today's happy ending  Woman Happy

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Spring is in air and it looks like the deer want to frolic  at the Wick's on such a lovely day!!!  Time to shake off the winter and  welcome  another season. Calm, relaxing and laid back!


Speaking of laid back, Miss Cricket is certainly snuggled in her blankets fast asleep , I hope her dreams are as sweet as she!!!!!

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I wish I could join cricket for a cozy cuddly nap. The deer look like young ones. ❤️❤️

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Sweet pictures 🥰

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Oh, nothing like a pile of warm, sweet smelling laundry.  Little Cricket has the right idea.  

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Thank you, as always, for the beautiful pics of the deer and also of sweet, adorable Cricket who brings smiles to me all the time!  Heart