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DEER Tuesday 01/25/2022

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Oh my gosh!  This is Herzog.  He visited exactly one year ago (it came up today in my Facebook memories).  Same scruffy coat, same white face, early antler loss.  I'm going to try to screen shot that FB memory.










Here's the screen shot



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Herzog is an unusual looking deer. I have never seen one like that. Great pictures!

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Awww!  Looks like Herzog's hair has turned grey.  

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Herzog is definitely scruffy looking, lol. But he is so very cute.

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Aww, I think I fell in love with him!  What a cute boy.  I hope he's ok.



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Herzog appears to be the wise elder of the herd.  This is my first meeting with him.


You chose his name well.  Despite having challenges, he is surviving.  

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He is very distinctive isn't he.   Interesting that he shows up a year later.  Cool.

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Re: DEER Tuesday 01/25/2022

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Always a sucker for that slightly scruffy look.  
Could he be part albino?


He looks a bit skittish & shy, hope he has friends.

YEAH Herzog!  Please visit more often, you have fans here.

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MamaWick, more sensational pictures.


Herzog seems wise and fearless. Sometimes  differences or being unique are what makes one beautiful.


Perhaps he needed to return to where he feels safe. I wonder what adventures he has had during the last year.


His eyes are mesmerizing.


Thank you!!

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Welcome back to the Wick haven, Herzog, I hope the time you spent away was filled with serene days, peace and calm living.  It is so nice to see a deer return and know he or she is still living life in the wild.  


Herzog is a handsome guy, his white face stands out and he seems like a gentle buck who knows how to survive.  Thank you, MamaWick, for the update on an old friend!  Life at the safe Wick haven welcomes all, new and older forest friends, lured always by kindness and love.