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Heavy rain this morning but they came by the front of the house including 2 does.















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Their faces are just so sweet! they look like they are saying "Are you home?!" I'm sure they are always so happy you are there and there are treats to enjoy every day.

Willow looks so content with her carrot and youSmiley Happy


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@MamaWick    Awwww!  How polite!  Did they ring the bell or knock on the door?  😁


Sweetness abounds at your home.   

Woofs and hugs to the always delicious Miss Willow White.  Snuggling with her mama and her favorite toy.  What could be better?    All animals should be so lucky.  

Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven.  💕🌈

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How nice the Bucks and Does visited and had a place to go for a snack after such a heavy rain.  The Wick welcome mat always out no matter what the weather may bring.  


Willow White loves her toy!!!  It is her blankie just like the red one she loves to be wrapped in.  Rest time is Willow's time!

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The bucks look like they are looking for their fav goodies!  I know they always find them, the Wicks are so kind!


Nappy time for everyone!  Have a wonderful snuggle!Smiley Happy

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Love the sweet Does. Willow White is a cutie!
Thanks for the pics.,