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DEER Tuesday 01/03/2023

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This is Bobo. He was named by our backyard neighbors. He is blind in his right eye and tilts his head appropriately to see the carrots with his left eye.







Sleeping sitting up with Mr C in her mouth


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Bobo seems to have adapted admirably. I think he is thanking you for the treats!


Lovely Willow sitting up sleeping is the cutest thing ever! She loves that carrot and is hanging onto it even while sleeping. 


Wonderful pictures and Willow is always a delight.

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It is uplifting to know that sweet handsome Bobo has a place to go for food , drink and kindness!!!  Knowing he is being taken care of by people who have compassion and love for animals is a positive in BoBo's daily life.  I hope he continues to visit the Wick Haven where the welcome mat is always out!


Princess Willow guarding her toy looks very sweet on her favorite warm blanket!  My visit to this post always delightful!!!!

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Bobo is smart and very lucky.  He has gone to where he will be loved and looked over - and very well fed.

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@MamaWick   Well hello, Bobo!!  You indeed a handsome fellow!   Enjoy your goodies. 🥕🥕


How wonderful that your neighbors are like minded and also nurture the deer.  My kind of people. 


Woofs and hugs to the ever adorable Miss Willow White.  Sometimes a nap just sneaks up on you, even in mid carrot crunch. 🤣


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Hi Bobo..hope your finding all your treats..!
Hi Ms. Willow White…🙂
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Bobo is so handsome.. Amazing how he is adjusting to being blind in one eye.

Thankful that you are taking care of him along with your neighors...

Willow you are so beautiful... Wow, that toy is almost as big as you are..

Love you Miss Willow

Love and blessings to you and all.