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Re: DEER Thursday 10/15/2020

Deer are beautiful to look at from a distance or with a barrier between them and you.   


I live in a rural area where we see and respect wildlife, such as deer.   But we do not feed them.  Some people try to give them food that actually kills them.   Natural vegetation is what they really need.   If you plant vegetation that they like to eat in a protected area it's beautiful to see them.   I would not want to be picking up their poop.


I dislike people who think it is correct to plant items that attract them when their property is near a road.   This is dangerous and cruel.   There is one well used road here where such people do this.   I had a buck jump over my hood as I slowly passed this house.  This could have been a tragedy.  And they travel in groups.  


Right now we have deer, bear, and other critters stocking up for Winter.   It's a jungle out there!!!