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He's going to have a big rack






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Re: DEER Thursday 06/08/2023

Wow!  I think you're right @MamaWick .   That is some growth already.  Will be most handsome to the ladies!

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Re: DEER Thursday 06/08/2023

Everyone is so cute!
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Re: DEER Thursday 06/08/2023

@MamaWick  It's so interesting to see how different each deer is from another.  Your up close and personals are wonderful. 

Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White.  Is she giving PapaWick the side eye?🤣.  🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven.  💕🌈

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Re: DEER Thursday 06/08/2023

You are so lucky to have such beautiful animals in your yard. I look forward to seeing their antlers after the velvet sheds.
And of course your sweet pup.
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Re: DEER Thursday 06/08/2023

The handsome Bucks their antlers growing , looking proud and strong.  It is always amazing to see their antlers grow through these photos.  


Miss Willow wide eyed but oh so comfortable resting with MamaWick!!!