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DEER Sunday 10/29/2023

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I shared my Starbuck photo on our local community's Facebook page and someone asked if I was just sharing a great photo from the internet.  The audacity that someone questioned my wickpic! photo 🤣😂🤣😂













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@MamaWick   How dare they!😁


Hail, hail, the gang's/herd's all here.  🦌🦌🦌❤️What a wonderful way to greet a sunny Sunday.  Treats for all. 


Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White. 🥰 It's raining on the east coast and a perfect day for a nap.  I'm going to channel Willow.  

Woofs and love sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Lol- how dare they🤔…..Today, very sweet pictures of the young buckies and pretty does eating their carrots.
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They know when the lunch bell rings. So sweet and so politeSmiley Happy


Willow sure does love her carrot.Heart


 the internet? rude!Woman LOL

of course not!

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Those of us who frequent this post know you take the photos and as I always say, they are good enough for a nature book.  I wouldn't worry about what someone says on the Internet and I'll leave it at that.  


What a gathering of woodland friends, all there for good eats and a safe environment.  Nature's children sweet and gentle bringing smiles to all.


Willow White`playing with her toy carrot before she slips into dreamland.  Such a cutie pie!

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A gathering of beautiful deer. How nice to see them in your own yard!
I love to see Willow playing with her toys.